Data for Decision Making: HIFA Online Discussion

Though an interview series in summer 2015, Data for Decision Making, the One Million Community Health Workers (1mCHW) Campaign and mPowering Frontline Health Workers (mPowering) have brought together experts to discuss the critical need for data on the number, availability, and locations of frontline health workers, particularly community health workers (CHWs). In the series, we brainstormed how creative solutions and collaborations can address the frontline health worker data gap. The original interviews can be found here on our blog.

The driver for this series was  a 2014 report, A Commitment to Community Health Workers: Improving data for decision-making, which stated, “The… lack of human resources information systems data on CHWs cause significant challenges in making data-driven decisions about how to best involve CHWs in national health systems.”

To expand upon this report and conversations on our blog, the 1mCHW Campaign and mPowering have come together with Health Information for All (HIFA 2015) to host an online discussion during September. The goal of this discussion is to hear from frontline health workers and other health professionals about how we can create  innovative solutions to address the CHW data gap. And to address this issue meaningfully – not to create data for the sake of data. This discussion will build on the conversation started in the interviews, using responses from the initial interviewees to stimulate conversation.

The discussion will take place for 4 weeks this  September on the HIFA 2015 e-mail forum, beginning Tuesday, September 1st. We will use this discussion, and the interviews, to inform a short report on ways to improve and expand the data available on CHWs.

An overview of the series can be found on HIFA 2015’s website. Each week, for the month of September, two questions will be emailed to the forum and responses will be posted to the HIFA’s Daily Post Digest.

How to join the conversation:

  1. Sign up for HIFA’s email forum here:
  2. Review the previous questions and interviews on our blog
  3. At the end of the day on September 1st , check your email for the discussion questions from HIFA
  4. Submit your responses via email and refer to the forum link for updated responses

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts!