MCSP Zika Response Team Utilizes ORB

mPowering’s ORB library has played a central role in USAID’s Maternal and Child Survival Program (MCSP) Zika response team. Since the beginning of the response team’s program year in September 2016, MCSP has supported the launch of a Zika-specific domain on the ORB platform as well as translation of the entire site into Spanish. Learn more about USAID’s Zika response here.

mPowering joined forces with the MCSP Zika response team for preliminary planning in June 2016. Over the last year, we have curated 40 Zika health worker training materials on the Zika domain while developing and improving processes for content review and dissemination with support from USAID and our partners. While progress has been made, mPowering has identified areas in need of improvement in order to more effectively promote content sharing and use of mobile tools for frontline health workers and communities.

In any training initiative, but especially in instances of emergency response, sharing content to decrease duplication of effort and cut costs is critical. Organizations can connect on content sharing platforms like the Zika Communications Network, coordinated by K4Health, to share materials they are creating.

mPowering is urging content creators to take one more step toward collaboration by open-licensing materials and allowing others to download and share resources in their training settings. By using Creative Commons licensing on health worker training content, the time spent on gaining an organization’s permission for use is decreased, if not eliminated. Considering that many organizations do not place licenses on their products, content is better protected with a CC license by providing clear instructions as to how the materials can be used, duplicated, or adapted.

Contact and let us know how mPowering can support your efforts to advocate use of CC licensing within your organization!