Reports and Documents

11 Apr
Mobile Training Discussion Guide

A guide for thinking through mobile training and mobile product development. Together with USAID's Maternal and Child Survival Program, mPowering has created a tool for content creators, program managers, health worker trainers and more to implement use of mobile tools and resources into their training.

11 Apr
FAQ: Creative Commons Licenses for Global Health Content

A two-page document of frequently asked questions concerning the use of Creative Commons licensing for content creators and those who wish to share their content on ORB or through other modes of dissemination.

11 Apr
Creating with Mobile in Mind

Together with USAID's Maternal and Child Survival Program, mPowering has produced a two-page guide for content creators in government sector, NGOs, private sector, and other areas of learning development with useful information for designing and adapting content for mobile.

27 Feb
mHealth Journey of Care

This mHealth Journey of Care info-graphic flows through the use of mobile tools throughout pregnancy and delivery.


03 Feb
Uploading content to ORB

This short video covers how to upload content to mPowering's ORB platform.

01 Feb
Finding Content on ORB

This short video covers how to search for and download content on mPowering's ORB platform.

External Links

15 Feb
2017 Global Health Council Briefing Book

Global Health Council (GHC), in collaboration with the global health advocacy community, provides this briefing book as a resource to document how U.S. investments have made a difference in people’s lives around the world. These briefs represent the work of a wide group of global health experts, mostly based in…

16 Nov
Prioritizing Community Health Worker Data for Informed Decision Making

This analysis from the Frontline Health Workers Coalition advocates for increased focus on data to improve community health worker programs.

18 Apr
Mobile Technology in Support of Frontline Health Workers

This report from the Johns Hopkins University Global mHealth Initiative, commissioned by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,  summarizes current data to describe the emergent trends and best practices in the use of mobile devices and technical platforms by frontline health workers.

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