Open Deliver is a process to design, develop, deliver and evaluate digital training. Open Deliver can provide a sustainable process for providing digital training to a country’s health workforce. It consists of the following stages:

  1. Addressing Demand: Identify training needs of health workers; taking into account workflows, language, literacy and other relevant factors.
  2. Identifying and Adapting Content: Create or adapt existing multimedia training materials for education, and store on a content sharing platform like ORB.
  3. Creating a Training Program:  Use or adapt existing multimedia materials, and organize those materials into courses.
  4. Deploying Content and Delivering Training: Deliver courses to health workers’ mobile phones, and support their progress through the training.
  5. Monitoring, Evaluating, and Iterating: Collect usage analytics to evaluate trainings and determine which materials work best.


Open Deliver streamlines digital training by reconfiguring and integrating existing technologies. These technologies consist of a digital content sharing library, a learning management system (LMS), and a mobile application (app). mPowering typically uses ORB as the content sharing library, Moodle for the LMS and OppiaMobile as the Android based application.

Open Deliver can accept multiple streams of content from different providers into a content sharing platform. All training providers are able to access this platform to ensure new content development is not duplicative. The Android based app can deliver content offline, and, when there is a connection, deliver usage analytics for monitoring and evaluation. The process is designed to be technologically independent – as new technologies emerge, they can be adapted to replace an existing technology used in a particular stage without disrupting the entire process.

Open Deliver is guided by the Principles for Digital Development. It allows governments to assure the quality of all content used in the system, and facilitates a coordinated approach towards educating workforces with standards- based educational materials and protocols. mPowering is working actively towards institutionalization of this process in partner countries.

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