What we’re reading: mHIFA’s Assessment of mHealth Applications Report

mPowering’s work has been featured in mHIFA’s latest report, titled Assessment of mHealth applications for their potential to provide essential healthcare information for citizens in low resource settings.

This report assessed mobile apps based on significance of the health problem addressed, appropriateness of the content and technology for target audiences, value of information, ease of information assimilation (is the info presented in an easy to understand way?), app availability (is it free and/or available across several regions/countries?), and technological accessibility of the app (is the interface simple, does it work on a basic/feature phone, is it free to the user?).

The report credits ORB’s progress toward making training materials increasingly accessible and effective for health worker training. OppiaMobile was highlighted for “making the app development process much easier to devolve to national or regional bodies to ensure apps are tailored to local needs.” mPowering has used OppiaMobile to deliver content in collaborative training programs in Nigeria, Ethiopia, Zambia, and more.

Additionally, mPowering’s Open Deliver approach is mentioned as a useful method for “combining existing, open-source technologies into an integrated process for app design, content modification/production, deployment to mobiles, and usage monitoring”

Other programs and technologies reviewed include The Safe Delivery App, videos from Medical Aid Films, the Red Cross First Aid app, Mobile Kunji, Health Phone and others. This assessment is a useful tool for programs seeking guidance for applying mobile tools to their training. You can read the report here!

HIFA (Health Information for All) is a trusted social network aiming to improve access to healthcare information in many of the countries within which mPowering works. mHIFA (mobile HIFA), seeks to expand mobile access of healthcare information.