Top Five Reads and Resources: mPowering Frontline Health Workers

Each month, mPowering partners compile our top five recent articles, videos, and resources related to mHealth, global health, and technology for development. This month, Carolyn Moore, Program Officer with mPowering Frontline Health Workers, shares her top five reads and resources:

Online Book: Taking Stock: Why U.S. Investments in Global Health Matter, Global Health Council

This site provides briefs on critical global health topics (including an mHealthsection by mPowering), stories of the impact of U.S. global health investments, and information on appropriations for global health. The online book, which was distributed to Congress on March 16, is an important reminder of the importance of U.S. contributions to global health.

And, if you’re surprised to learn that the U.S. spends less than 1% of its federal budget on foreign aid, check out these videos from the One Campaign to learn more.

Report: Global Health Content for Local Solutions: Consultations Synopsis, mPowering Frontline Health Workers

This new mPowering report shares the results of a year-long consultation process, engaging stakeholders to learn what is needed to improve community health worker training on a global scale. Key takeaways included: the potential for mobile technology to dramatically improve training; the need for standardized and adaptable training content; and the critical role of a central platform for trainers and health workers to access mobile health content.

Report and Toolkit: Idea to Impact, USAID Center for Accelerating Innovation and Impact

Idea to Impact: a guide to introduction and scale of global health initiatives is a reference, toolkit, and workbook guide for scaling up health products produced by USAID and Dalberg.  By applying a research & development and marketing process to global health, global health innovators can design products for success at scale. The toolkit guides implementers through traditionally private sector development tools and provides thought-provoking case studies to help global health professionals evaluate, design, and implementer their ideas.

Event Recording: Mobile Technology and mHealth: The newest frontline in health care innovation in Africa, Brookings

On March 12, panelists from Qualcomm, Vecna Cares, InStrat Global Health Solutions, and the National Primary Health Care Development Agency Nigeria were convened by Brookings to discuss successes, opportunities, and challenges in mHealth in Africa.  Panelists discussed the need for a paradigm shift towards mHealth using “invisible” technologies that are integrated into the health systems; and shared their experiences using mobile technology in the ongoing Ebola response.

Watch the event recording by clicking the link above. If you’re interested in learning more about the use of mHealth in the response to Ebola, join our webinar series to engage in the discussions.

Article: Collective Impact, Stanford Social Innovation Review

As a global partnership of 17 organizations and many collaborators, we know that by working together, we can achieve our goals faster and in a more meaningful way. This article uses the example of the Strive program, a group of community NGOs working together to support children and youth, to illustrate the exponential increase in impact that happens when organizations collaborate. Read the article to learn how moving from isolated impact to collective impact stands to redefine the social sector.